Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One May Night - First Band

I'm very happy with this first band. It has the movement that I find so pleasing in a band sampler.

I wanted something that would bring a garden's architectural ironwork to mind and found this image in an old Edwardian era filet crochet book printed in 1912. It was a book that itself took older motifs and as it says in its title, represented them in a new way, and now I'm representing it in yet another new way :)

While the book is rather difficult to find, thankfully, it is among the free scans of old needlework books online at the Antique Pattern Library

Go down the page to BrownFiletCrochet.pdf
The New Filet Crochet Book: Original Designs Which May Be Used Also For Cross-Stitch and Beadwork, With Patterns Represented in a New Way by Hugo W. Kirchmaier. Toledo, Ohio, Cora Kirchmaier, printed 1912


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