Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heart Note Alley's 14th and Last 'ticking' Band

I'm really getting close to finishing stitching Heart Note Alley and have mixed feelings about that. I've enjoyed each row and don't really want to see it come to an end, but I'm also ready to begin something new. I'm sure every stitcher out there knows that feeling!

This band is the last of those 'tweener' rows that are more than just fillers but are accents of shape and color that hopefully complement the larger rows with their own statements.

I have been working on other designs as you can see to the right with the Acorn Patch. What I've become quite certain of in these few months of trying my hand at designing patterns is that each one has to mean something to me or they just don't work at all. It has become my way of 'speaking' of my experiences and my tastes and while I'm sure they won't appeal to a mass market, I am hopeful that they will speak to particular people who will see more in them than shapes and colors.

Acorn patch combines one of my favorite color schemes, greens, golds and browns, with one of my favorite themes, northern woods and its seasons and the warmth that a quilt conveys.

Now I'm beginning that final large band of a floral spray in HNA and look forward to unwinding it from its stitching frame and seeing it in its entirety. Soon, God willing! :)


  1. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who's waiting with anticipation to see your stitched piece - such a unique concept to incorporate a love of scents into a stitching design, and to show us the unfolding of the process. You're so right to speak of having a connection with a personal meaning in our stitching - for myself, just having a "nice design" is nowhere near enough, there has to be that special affinity with some aspect of the subject or perhaps with the colour combination or a unique motif that will be a constant pleasure to see on display in my home. I'm keen to see what else your distinctive vision will bring us :)

  2. Thank you, Di :)

    I hope I will love up to such expectations! LOL