Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Note Alley 15th Band - Floral Spray

This is the motif that gave me the desire to try and design my own patterns. I came across it in one of the old Therese de Dillmont books from the 1800s and it was love at first sight. And that is what overcame my reluctance to work with software that would allow me to design something with this beautiful image.

And here it is, done! And I'm so very happy that I did persevere in wrestling with technology that was foreign to me.

I think it makes a wonderful 'anchor' for the sampler with its reflection of the second band where it is in full flower. Following the fragrant inspiration for this piece, it is, to me, sandalwood flowers. Sandalwood is such a gorgeous base note in fragrance, one of my favorites and one of my favorite fragrances is Sinfonia di Note's Fleur de Santal. Luckyscent calls it 'compelling and complicated', that must be why I love it :)

One last band to go!


  1. It looks gorgeous and the story about why you are using it is very interesting.

  2. Beautiful -- I love this band!

  3. Thanks for sharing my enthusiasm! :)