Monday, January 17, 2011

Patterns and Modelbuchs

Band 6 was slightly delayed this weekend, due to my spending stitching time online having a fascinating time discovering 'Modelbuchs'. Here is an introduction from the first site I want to recommend - Patterns and Modelbuchs

"The 16th Century saw a proliferation of pattern books or modelbuchs aimed at the domestic embroiderer as well as the professional craftsman. In addition to pattern books designed specifically for artisans, many other books were used by the domestic embroiderer as a source of embroidery designs."

This site has some extensive links for both original works and more modern reproductions of some fabulous patterns. I also spent a good deal of time at bibliOdyssey
Here you'll find links to original pattern books in European libraries that you can download for free.

How fabulous is it that we can see and download books of patterns from the early 1500s? I'm more enthused than ever to try and bring some of these images to new designs, combining motifs from different centuries to express the vision I have for cross stitch designs.

Next post, Band 6, I promise!

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