Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heart Note Alley Band 6

Heart Note Alley is moving along rather quickly and Band 6 is completed. It is quite a sturdy image with some good movement to it. Like most motifs in samplers it is of ancient origin but it has a rather modern geometric feel to it. As I'm relating this piece to fragrance notes I'd have to say it makes me think of one of my favorites, incense. I even wore my favorite incense fragrance while stitching it, the gorgeous Paestum Rose.

It is done in the dark and light shades of mauve, not only to balance the colors in the sampler, but it is the color I 'see' Paestum Rose. Here is the band isolated in the software and I have to say that after downloading and trying a few other types of software for cross stitch, the Greenoff software I obtained from Needleprint is what I'll be using. Its ease of use and intuitive functioning is why I find it the most user friendly of all I've tried.

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