Thursday, January 13, 2011

Heart Note Alley Band 5~

This band was most definitely inspired by fragrance! I had put a preliminary band in when first designing HNA as a bit of a place keeper, knowing that when it came its turn that it would be replaced by something more interesting. And as I looked through images in books and online of old filet borders this little gem popped up and said 'Escentric Molecules' to me.

No, the snow hasn't driven me buggy, not yet anyway! Escentric Molecules is a rather interesting niche perfume company that has become wildly popular among fans of scent. None more than their strangely titled '01' - here is a blurb about it from one of my favorite etailers, Luckyscent, "Escentric Molecules 01
Prepare yourselves, fragrance adventurers! We’ve found a line so unusual and provocative we couldn’t help but bring it to you on a silver platter. How many times have you tried a perfume, only to find you love one aspect of it but not the others? If you could just take out a few notes, it would be your perfect personal scent?"

Does Escentric Molecules 01 work for me as a fragrance? Sadly no, though many others buy it by the boatload, lol. But I saw this motif and thought THAT is an escentric molecule if I've ever seen one. So into the software it went and I gave it a little extra circle to separate them and 'Bob's your uncle', it worked.

I chose the dark green color for it and I have to say, it was fun sniffing, uh, stitching this band :)


  1. Ah, these decisions - now I need to decide not only on the colours to use for this, but also on the fragrance to wear while I'm stitching ......