Sunday, January 9, 2011

Heart Note Alley Band 3

More snow, more stitching! One of the things I love about winter is spending more time inside stitching without the guilt of "I should be doing something in the garden".

Band 3 reminds me of a happy little row of clubs. It is a motif that I'd place somewhere between geometric or floral and I'm pleased with the scale of the row in reference to the first two bands and with the colors - light and medium mauve with the darkest green.

Now if the neighbors will just stop dropping by and demanding food, I hope to get band 4 going! :)


  1. oh i love the deer. i agree i love winter for that same reason. no weeds to call my name and to cold to mess with anything else. love your design.

  2. Thanks, Barbara! Our area has the largest herd of whitetail deer in the country. And I have the chewed roses to prove it! LOL

    We have our own 'regulars' who we've watched grow up and in the spring when it is warm enough to have windows open at night we've often heard the newborn cry of a fawn. The does know our dogs keep the predators away and they bring their fawns to sleep right up next to the fence. Even though the dogs bark at them the deer know they are all bark and no bite.