Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sources for motifs/images

As I'm proceeding on this journey of cross stitch design, I'm finding that my tastes definitely center on the old patterns especially found in the early books/booklets that were produced mainly for filet crochet.

I'd like to share some of the things I've learned about these publications. Many of you probably already know this information, but it may be new to some as it has been to me.

In the years from the Victorian through the Edwardian ages a number of companies that produced cotton for needlework decided it would sell more of their threads if they could give women - who were very interested in such things at the time - booklets of patterns and instructions in how to use the thread. Many were for decorative objects - table runners, antimacassars, tea cloths, doileys - and many were for adding to clothing, especially camisoles and nightgowns.

The booklets pictured in this post were from the J&P Coats company in the USA, one of their primary authors was Anne Orr. I hope to bring examples from other such companies soon.

Due to the patterns being produced for filet crochet the images have a lovely stylized effect that simply appeals to my sensibilities. They were also full stitches, nothing specialty about them and I find that attractive as well.

Many of these booklets have been lost but thankfully quite a few have been reproduced and you can find them on ebay and some have been scanned to the Antique Pattern Library

I'm working on building my own library of these images and hope to continue incorporating them in my designs.

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