Monday, April 11, 2011

One May Night - Roses & Lace (and a Chart Correction)

Bands 4&5, lace ribbon and roses are completed.

I chose the 4th band image to serve as a bit of a contrast to the two florals that border it. Since the next main band is definitely softer and more flowing, I wanted something just a bit more formal for this band.

While the charts show a softer pink for the rose band, I stitched the model with a darker Gloriana floss. It simply worked best for the dark gray fabric and it reminds me of a favorite deeply fragrant David Austin rose called William Shakespeare. Appropriate for this design that was inspired by Romeo & Juliet :)

I found a small error while working band four, please note the correction below, the stitch beginning the bottom and top of band. If it isn't clear what has changed let me know.


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