Monday, March 14, 2011

New Design - Sanctuary

Jacqueline Holdsworth has so very kindly listed this design as a download on her wonderful Needleprint site asking that donations be made in exchange to whatever charity one chooses to help those suffering so greatly in Japan. Thank you, Jacqueline!

After watching the images of the terrible tragedy unfolding in Japan these last days, I've found it difficult to spend my time on the usual projects. I had been thinking for some time of a companion piece for Hortulus and this weekend it came together for me and I'd like to present it as a permanently free pattern. I hope it will evoke the same feeling of peace for others that it has for me.

I'm posting it in two color schemes. As I worked on it I kept seeing it in grays and terra cotta, but think it would also work using similar colors to Hortulus or for that matter in whatever color it might speak to you.

I hope to finish Hortulus in the next day or two and begin One May Night next, but wanted to offer 'Sanctuary' to you first.

I would love to set up a gallery of this design as everyone has stitched it! I'm happy to send either color chart, just specify your preference in your request.


  1. Kathy,
    This is a wonderful design, I like the depiction of family. Please send me a chart with the grays. I will definitely add this to my stitching for this year and send updates when I can!

  2. Thank you, Debby, I'm glad you like it. Your charts are on their way and do please send photo when completed.

  3. your new design is simply gorgeous. I looooooooove, looooooooooooove, loooooooooooove !
    Congratulations Kathy for this new wonder.

  4. Beautiful. I loved reading about Hortulus gazing into the fire, lost in thought. I'd love to hear about how you see the depiction in this piece. We have many friends in Japan, this will go a long way toward soothing my soul and creating a remembrance piece. Thank you so much.

  5. I'm happy to explain my thoughts for Sanctuary's design. And I do plan on blogging about the piece probably after One May Night is completed.

    I found an image of the motif for the outer border in an antique filet book and as I played with it in different forms, it really looked very wild to me like something growing on its own, not planted and tended by a gardener. In different colors it seemed like it might grow by the sea or on a moor or wild meadow. And some time ago I had found an image of a family by a hearth in another very old set of prints for filet and putting the two together it spoke of how a family gathered at home should be like a sanctuary.

    So the outer wild border is like the storms of life to me and the family is in the midst of it and sheltered from it by the strength they draw from each other.

  6. Another beautiful design kathy I am emailing you in a few minutes. Our grandson is studying in japan for his Junior year of college and was in Tokyo when this terible disaster hit. He is safe, thank God and came home yesterday. It is very bad over there and my heart goes out to the people that have to face this tragedy. Our entire family has donated to the releif fund. Through the Embassy and the College we were able to get our GS home to us. He wants to go back as he loves the people and the culture and says it si a beautiful country.

  7. Dusty, that is such good news! And good news has been in short supply with this tragedy.