Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heart of Heart Note Alley, Band 11

The lovely iris! I had to put my 'signature' in a band of iris since it is one of my very favorite of fragrant plants and a key ingredient in most of my favorite fragrances. I put them within a deco like border in the medium green shade to announce their presence in a particular way. They are stitched in the darkest purple, I know iris comes in many colors but whenever I smell them in the fragrances I love I 'see' purple. The date and initials are in the lighter purple.

The iris root not the flower is what is used in most fragrance. For many years it was used mainly as a fixative and is found in many classics like Shalimar though the distinctive iris note is a part of the whole in this scent unlike some of today's stars in the world of fragrance which have given the iris a featured role.

The artists in today's world of scent have created some of the loveliest of perfumes using the iris in new and beautiful ways. You can find some that accent the green aspect and others that put the deep earthy rootiness of its carrot like aroma deep in the heart of their creations. My favorite is Guerlain's beautiful Iris Ganache that like its name suggests it could be layered on with a spatula! LOL


  1. Lovely iris indeed :) I love the way that your personal interests and passions are informing your creative choices of images and colours in this and your earlier (and shall we hope, future?) designs. The white space is effective in emphasizing the graceful lines of the iris flowers, while the angularity of the art deco lines provides a valuable contrast - well done! And I like the way that the initials and date are part of the design, not just added as an afterthought. When I come to stitch this one myself, I'll be wearing my favorite Shalimar :)

  2. And you'll smell lovely, indeed! LOL

    Thanks for the encouragement!