Friday, February 18, 2011

Heart Note Alley - 16th and Final Band!!!

Heart Note Alley is complete with this band that is a reflection of the first band, also worked in the lighter green and purple shades.

I am amazed that this large piece measuring approximately 9"x18" on this 18 count fabric, was started on New Year's Day and took only a little over six weeks to finish.

Did it meet my expectations? Most definitely, in fact it has turned out better than I had hoped and it was a lot of fun knowing you have been along for the project. I knew there would be changes from its original charting, but nothing really major changed, I just came up with a few patterns/images I thought worked better than those I'd originally popped in. Sometimes you just need to see the actual design on the fabric to know what you want to do next.

The frame is on its way to me and I'll hopefully have a photo posted to show you what it looks like not in its pieces but its entirety.

I'm already stitching Hortulus and I look forward to introducing him to you in the next post!

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