Monday, January 3, 2011

First Band

Floss did not arrive, but with a weekend ahead of me with endless football games I could not resist getting started with the small amount of sample floss I had on hand. New Years Eve I began stitching the first band of Heart Note Alley.

Since fragrance inspired Heart Note Alley I wanted the top band of the design to reflect the top notes of a perfume. Many scents open with a bit of a sparkle, often due to the aldehydes used to give a bit of brightness and scintillation. So I chose the lighter colors in the palette along with some symbols that seemed to radiate those top notes in the top band.

Here is the band isolated from the rest of the chart in the Infinity software
This is how it appears partially stitched

Here is hoping the post office comes through today and I find my floss order in the box!

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